Harry Morgan’s

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For the Harry Morgan restaurant interior refurbishment project in West London we worked alongside Makespace Architects. Our recent experience tendering the fit-out of the Kilburn Ironworks helped us get up to speed quickly and fit well into the team.

The commission was unusual in that we were engaged by the contractor bidding for the job. He had realised the need for more information in order to first price and then to undertake the work and so had convinced the head client of our value. This allowed us to work not only with the contractor, but also the owner of the restaurant and the interior designer who had already come up with a concept scheme.

Our primary scope of work was to prepare the drawings for tender on behalf of Makespace. We added value to the process by directly engaging with the interior designer, developing 3D models and drawing details which would help to realise the concept.



Interior Design:
David Gilston

Architect Lead:
Shahed Saleem

St John’s Wood, London

178 sqm


  • Building Control
  • Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management


  • Khuzema Hussain