Shortlisted temporary theatre, Taiwan

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Our proposal for the The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition was shortlisted in 2017. With an emphasis on collaborating with theatre-makers to explore the complex issues arising in the design of theatre space our idea turned the stadium into a place for dialogue between theatremakers and the public.


The architecture is a simple framework within which performance can take place. Festival structures are designed around a grid of bamboo scaffolding. Construction tarpaulin provides weatherproofing. Debris netting creates layers of enclosure. This use of basic materials and construction methods allows elements of the festival to be dismantled and reused as desired.


The 350-seat “Festival Amphitheatre” draws its shape from the form of the stadium. Layers of material allow varying levels of enclosure for differing performances. The 100-seat “Indoor Theatre” has a relatively conventional end stage format and greater sound & light enclosure. Both venues can be opened up to the adjoining plaza, allowing performances to spill out and connect with their surroundings.


Date: August 2017

Client: OISTAT

Competition: Shortlisted

Consultant: Claire Moody


  • Concept Design


  • Alasdair Ben Dixon
  • Christopher Daniel
  • Jade Zheng