Royal Festival Haul

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Supported by WeAreWaterloo, Collective Works co-designed a community pavilion with Ongéan : Environmental Design Lab as part of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2018.


The pavilion was intended to be a place to meet but it also challenged the status quo of the amount of waste produced by the building and events industry. It was installed in Granby Place at Lower Marsh for the latter two weeks of LFA during which a diverse programme of events, aimed at connecting people, was curated.


The concept behind the pavilion and the community events was a response to Britain appointing a Minister for Loneliness earlier this year and the idea that, ironically, being in an overpopulated urban area can often be one of the loneliest environments. We documented the series of events and workshops that were held at the pavilion in the form of a zine which you can download from the link below. The zine was produced by Brighton based Dopple Press using one of only 15 Riso printers in the UK.


Zine Download


The project instigated numerous inspiring collaborations throughout the journey and after all, ‘it’s always a sign of a successful project when you make lots of new connections‘.


  • Architecture
  • Branding & Identity
  • Building Control
  • Concept Design
  • Construction
  • Coordinating Consultants
  • Developed Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Technical Design


  • Alasdair Ben Dixon
  • Siri Zanelli
  • Khuzema Hussain
  • Rachel Booth
  • Joe Scragg
  • Christopher Daniel
  • Ioana Lupascu
  • Tara Gbolade
  • Natalia Zwardon