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Selecting contractors

Following the Detail stage, we can help you invite contractors to tender for your project by sharing our plans and getting competitive construction quotes we can easily compare. The goal is to appoint a contractor you can trust, who has the experience to suit your project and who you can see as part of the team. Tendering is the start of building this vital relationship.

Step 1: Invite contractors to tender

We vet contractors by reviewing their financial records, visiting their construction sites and, of course, seeing some of their completed work. This means we only invite contractors to tender who are the right fit for your project. We’re also vetting people by their approach; finding people with whom you can have a good working relationship is just as important as price.

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Step 2: Obtain cost estimates

In most tenders, it’s common practice to discard the lowest cost estimate. In our experience, a price that is too low from the start is usually too good to be true; risking either a sacrifice to the quality or additional, unexpected costs during the build. 

We always obtain cost estimates that we can compare in a like-for-like manner. For example, if one contractor quoted for electrical underfloor heating and another a wet system, this could result in very different costs. Our comparison will help you make a much more informed decision about which contractor is right for your project.

Step 3: Appoint a contractor

After you appoint a contractor, we negotiate the final project price. What’s known as value engineering is a cost-saving exercise. By treating the contractor as part of the team, we can discuss the project objectives and how to achieve them. A good contractor will suggest saving costs and working collaboratively with you to find the best solutions. 

For advice on appointing a contractor, speak to one of our local architects.

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