About Collective Works

Collective Works is an architecture & design studio. We listen to each client’s unique requirements in order to make bespoke buildings.

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About Collective Works

Our Process

Projects start off with us asking you some key questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with your building project and what are your main priorities?
  • What are your main concerns or worries?
  • How would you describe a successful and happy outcome?

We then create hand sketches of options before moving into 3D modelling. We make sure you are part of the process and will have reviews with you along the way to get the design just right.

Meet the team

Meet The Team

We have a wide network of collaborators, but it’s the three Partners – Alasdair, Siri and Khuzema – who make up the core of Collective Works. Their own diverse backgrounds and skills embed a value for dialogue and engagement on all projects.


The studio has a culture of transparency with an interest in sharing knowledge not only within the team but also to the wider profession.

Let’s have a chat about your vision and
how we can help you realise it.

Collective Works are an architecture & design studio. Our network of professionals will create your perfect solution.