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Sustainability Review

The climate emergency is real, and it’s urgent. We are committed to reducing our impact and helping our clients do the same. We’ll suggest climate positive solutions at each project stage, which we have either developed or implemented ourselves, such as sustainable building materials.

Architecture for sustainable homes

You might be sceptical and wonder, “Can my home be sustainable?” but you may be surprised at how the small decisions you make can have a big impact.  

Our sustainability reviews will show you what’s achievable for your unique project. For example, we may recommend minimising demolition and upgrading an existing building. We may advise on sustainable building materials with low embodied carbon or how to improve energy use in a new build. We’ll also offer opportunities for recycling and reuse throughout your project.

Healthy, sustainable community buildings

We always consider the impact a building will have on those that use it. So, when it comes to sustainability, a key consideration is how it can help to boost health and wellbeing.

Factors such as air quality, maximising daylight, greenery and use of natural and tactile materials are crucial for healthcare settings and designing more sustainable community buildings. 

We’re also committed to working towards more net-zero carbon buildings – contributing to a healthier planet too.

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