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Colour Consultation

There is an increasing body of evidence showing the impact of colour on our mood, concentration and sleep. An interior colour scheme is an integral part of any new build or renovation project and shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. Used thoughtfully, it’s a powerful design tool that can transform any space into something unique, whether you’re choosing colours for your home, for a community building or clinic.

Advice on choosing colours

Whether you’re renovating your home or transforming the interior colour scheme of a public building, there are infinite choices. What colour combinations suit us? Should we paint the ceilings? How do we make the most of our architectural features? Is low VOC paint worth it? A colour consultation can help you choose the right colour for your project budget and size.

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Choosing colours for your home

Colour is a powerful way to create a home that reflects who you are, one that feels warm and cosy or cool and chic, A design that’s unique to you and your family. We’ll help select shades and colour combinations; subtle and soft with a few contrasts or more complex colour schemes with bold tones. We’ll also advise on using different finishes for different surfaces, along with deciding which colours will work with both the architectural style of your property and your taste.

Interior colour schemes for public buildings

A carefully considered colour scheme can be a sustainable, low-cost, and effective way of transforming public spaces, community buildings, and healthcare settings.  

Colour can transform sterile, anonymous and uninspiring spaces into friendly and welcoming rooms where people can thrive. The interior colour schemes can also be used strategically to enhance the functions of the rooms and support wayfinding.

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How the colour consultation works

Depending on your needs, this service can range from a two-hour workshop in our studio, followed by a personalised report, to a 30-60 hour full colour consultation.  

The full colour consultation includes recommendations for all surfaces and finishes, paint brands and product references, across multiple rooms and spaces. 

We prefer working with sustainable low VOC paints that ensure healthy indoor environments. 

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