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Cost Plan

Construction projects are notorious for going over budget, which often forces people to compromise on quality. To avoid this, we use detailed cost planning, with real-time pricing software. We always build a healthy contingency into the budget and monitor it continuously.

Immediate cost overviews

Perhaps you’re trying to decide whether to buy a new home that needs renovation? Or you need to know how much an extension costs before you commit? We can help answer these questions with quick cost overviews. Our specialist software accesses real-time prices from over 50 contractors to generate different options for you. 

This approach to cost planning can be useful for making decisions at different stages of your project. Perhaps you start by planning a side extension but then realise that a master suite in the loft will give you the space you need at less cost? Developing cost plan estimates in line with design allows you to add to or amend vital decisions as your project unfolds. 

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Accurate, detailed cost planning

Traditionally, we’ve worked with quantity surveyors to estimate costs in a more bespoke way. For some developments, this is the best way to price a project.

If we submit a scheme for Planning, we can give a more accurate cost plan, which can help you decide whether to proceed with the whole project or just part of it. We produce a cost plan for those projects where we help at the Detail stage just before going out to tender. This allows you to understand current market prices and adapt your scope accordingly.

How much does an extension cost? Get in touch for a quote

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