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A tidy home on Portland Road

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Portland Road hallway

Our client found that their narrow Victorian hallway had become a dumping ground and the clutter was spilling over into the living room beyond. They wanted extra space, more light and to enjoy their home again without worrying about the mess.

Making space

Studies show that we think more clearly and are more relaxed in tidy spaces. For some people mess and clutter can be overstimulating, and the thought of tidying up overwhelming. A home where everything has a logical and easy to find space promotes wellbeing and comfort.

We took a practical approach to tidying at Portland Road. Using joinery to create an elegant timber storage wall, we were able to house not only the things they use everyday – their bags, coats, shoes and their Brompton bikes, but also everything from golf clubs to Christmas decorations.

Replacing the coats and schoolbooks that accumulated on and around the piano, we made a bespoke unit, with designated places for charging devices, homework, sports kit.

Portland Road. Tidying up around the piano
Portland Road London
Portland Road Laundry room and wc

Letting the light in

A new glazed wall and door between the living room and the hall makes both rooms feel bigger and brighter. The whole was tied together with timber wainscotting in the hall that echoed the storage wall. The client has a springer spaniel, who runs in and out of the house, and scuffs and scrapes from bags and bikes will inevitably happen. The wainscotting means that the hall will stay in good condition, keeping the tidy and calm feeling over time.

At the end of the hall the guest wc and laundry room opens out to the garden door. Rather than a utilitarian place for chores, it has become a beautiful space for both storage and practical tasks. Opening the door from the hall reveals bespoke timber storage, hooks on the walls, and elegant clear surfaces, meaning that it can be left open and let more light in from the garden door.

Portland Road storage wall
storage wall

We were able to create extra space in the home by organising what was already there. Highly practical, but beautiful and hard-wearing solutions make the space work twice as hard, leaving space for our clients to live happily in a calm, uncluttered home.

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glass wall and timber wainscotting


Year: 2023
Location: Notting Hill

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