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Exploring Ethics in Practice

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Having had a longstanding interest and plenty of experience with ethical dilemmas in architecture, Alasdair joined the RIBA’s Ethics and Sustainable Development Commission in 2018.

Following that year of work Alasdair, helped to develop and deliver the RIBA’s first general ethics CPD throughout 2019. 

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is obligatory for all chartered members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), regardless of their professional circumstances. Architects must attend at least 35 hours of CPD seminars each year to fulfil their obligations. The purpose of CPDs are to help Architects stay safe, professional, capable and resilient in their practice, as well as to encourage the continuation of learning new skills and specialisms. 

Over the course of 20 sessions Alasdair and Carys Rowlands delivered Ethics in Practice CPDs to over 1000 professionals. They shared theory, dilemmas and resources essential to practicing ethically in today’s complex professional context.

Having received great feedback and seen real engagement with a lot of fundamental issues within the profession we were happy to adapt the seminar into a 2 hour webinar which can now be accessed through the new RIBA Academy.

For more information about Ethics in Practice CPD, click here.

Ethical Practice Guide
RIBA Ethical Practice Guide

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