Insights June 02, 2021

Architects Declare Conference: Ideas Into Action

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Last month our partner, Alasdair Ben Dixon, held a presentation at the Architects Declare forum which explored the theme of putting ideas into action in respect of the climate emergency and the construction industry. Architects Declare is a network of architectural practices across the UK who have signed a declaration signalling their commitment to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency. Part of our commitment to addressing this emergency is through our active engagement in climate discourse within architecture.

As a practice we believe that some of the ways to effect long-term change and better practice within the construction industry is to become active in climate advocacy, partake in knowledge sharing activities and help raise awareness, and in doing so, discuss ways to put this into action. The AD talk, Ideas Into Action: Five disruptive actions, addressed just this. 

Alasdairs’ presentation reflected on our own practice at Collective Works and discussed several projects we consider to be disruptive. This includes: Paradise Park Pavilion: a community built outdoor stage for children; The Outdoor Classroom: an alternative space for learning and play financially supported through a rigorous crowdfunding campaign; and the Old Rise Theatre: a 400-seater temporary outdoor theatre.

Alongside Alasdair was a fantastic panel of guest speakers which are included below:

Ehab Sayed, Biohm on disruptive materials
Steve Webb, Webb Yates on disruptive structure
Tara Gbolade, Gbolade Design Studio and Architects Declare Steering Group member on
disruptive knowledge sharing
Wilf Meynell – Studio Bark / NBA

If you would like to hear the full talk, please see the Vimeo link above. 

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