Paradise Park Pavilion

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An existing outdoor stage in Paradise Park Children’s Centre in Islington had fallen apart and was in desperate need of an upgrade. We decided to help out on a pro-bono basis and teamed up with product designer Patrick Laing to design a new Park Pavilion and lead a crowdfunding campaign for the materials.

We have hosted a workshop with the children and their aspirations for the Paradise Park pavilion was limitless, and we decided that it is exactly this free flow of ideas and imaginative play that the stage should evoke. The stage will be a covered landscape of hanging ropes; it will provide shelter from the elements while still letting in light, it will be a covered place where the children can eat outside, a perfect place for imaginative outdoor play.

All the funds collected will go to the material cost as the design and build will be based on parents and the Children’s Centre Staff volunteering.


Date: August 2016

Collaborator: Patrick Laing

Client: Islington Play Association

Photography: Buildupp


  • Concept Design
  • Developed Design
  • Fundraising
  • Visualisations


  • Siri Zanelli
  • Khuzema Hussain
  • Thandi Loewenson
  • Alasdair Ben Dixon
  • Tomas Tvarijonas