We have a wide network of collaborators, partners and friends, but it’s the three of us – Alasdair, Siri and Khuzema – who make up the core of Collective Works.

Alasdair Ben Dixon

Alasdair brings a calm and measured approach to his work. His long-held commitment to the needs of the wider community alongside clients and stakeholders has led to roles within charities & action groups. He contributed to the RIBA Ethics and Sustainable Development commission, and regularly speaks publicly on such topics.

Khuzema Hussain

Khuzema is excellent at finding the technical solution to a complex problem. He is unfazed by navigating the planning system even when the advice has been contradictory and the technical issues are tricky. One of his qualities we admire most is that he’s a ‘finisher’. He won’t let go until every detail is resolved.

Siri Zanelli

Siri is brilliant at the nuts and bolts of architecture, but it is her clear-headed optimism which seems to push everything she does beyond the ordinary. Whether it is large infrastructure schemes or small log cabins, Siri always finds a way to inject just a bit more unexpected colour or texture, a bit more joy, into a project.

Collective Works brings together an agile network of coworkers made up of diverse talent. Our young team, unencumbered by traditional modes of working, are attracted to our unique and flexible approach.

Jade Blanchard-McKinley

Jade is an architectural assistant and illustrator. She completed her MA thesis on Digital Networks, Data Centres and Posthuman Institutions at the Royal College of Art. With a strong interest in architectural research, her work has featured in Manifesta 12’ Biennial and Flash Art magazine.

Joe Scragg

Joe is an architect with a background in sustainable design. He has a keen interest in sustainability and the adaptive re-use of buildings, with plenty of experience with residential detailing.

Michelle Stones

Michelle is a Chartered Accountant with a background in practice and now works in the Higher Education sector, specialising in financial project management. She has a keen interest in analysis and producing information for effective management.

Tomas Tvarijonas

An architect with experience at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners who completed his Masters thesis on rapid prototyping & inflatable structures at the Bartlett. He currently works in robotics and other automation methods in the construction industry.

We invite our clients to become engaged in the design process. We have a commitment to delivery & will exceed your expectations. Here’s what our clients say about us.

Ben Hasan, Head Teacher at Wentworth Nursery School

"I have been struck by the quality of work provided by Collective Works. Firstly; their capacity to listen and fully understand the design brief. Secondly; their quality of rigour, guiding us in reaching a clear design decision that most effectively met the needs of our school. Finally; excellent communication. There is not only a clear process of liaising with Collective Works through scheduled meetings, but also an explicit ethos that Collective Works wants to ensure absolute quality in all that it does and so is always open to engage with the client."

Ben Stephenson, CEO We Are Waterloo

"We are delighted to be working with Collective Works as part of the London Festival of Architecture. We were very impressed with the way the team read the brief and the pavilion has many of the objectives of WeAreWaterloo in bringing together people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet."

Ragnar Hartvig, Oslo based residential client

"We felt that Collective Works would be perfect for the renovation of our property and are really happy with the design. We see ourselves living here for the rest of our lives."