Insights October 05, 2017

Design Communication Articles

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Collective Works coworker, Phlip Allin is writing a series of 9 articles discussing design communication. The subject is how the profession presents its work to the wider community. Our aim is to communicate openly and honestly with the wider public about the nature of our work, there is progress to be made in the task of bringing all parties interested in the building industry closer together.
Why? Collective Works is an original response to the question of how architecture can work for society. Its structure, organisation, and methods are a testament to this. To continue down this path, it is helpful to highlight one of the principle issues facing the architecture community today: the disparity between what we, designers, build and need to build on the one hand, and what society wants built and needs built on the other. How to resolve this?
Articles written to date:
Perspective – We can never experience the whole of a building at once, so we’re always in the ‘dark’, or on the wrong page, to some extent. Examples of literal and figurative perspective.

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