Low Carbon Homes

Designing for Planet

In the UK we are facing two big problems, rising energy prices and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions if we’re to reach net-zero by 2050. As individuals are increasingly worried about how they can reduce energy use to save money, new housing can capture this market by producing more sustainable buildings.

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Our approach is to strive for RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge targets. These focus around Operational Energy, Embodied Carbon and Potable Water Use. We start with the orientation of buildings on a site, then ensure that the building fabric is both highly insulated and mostly airtight, and lastly that natural materials are used in the construction.

Additionally, Collective Works has made a commitment to the UN Race to Zero and Architects Declare in order to make sure that we can test ideas that we then share with clients.

Race To Zero

Designing for You

Home renovation can be quite daunting so why should you go through with it? The final size and configuration of the building is of course important. But so is establishing roots in a particular neighbourhood.

At Collective Works, we can help you answer the right questions at the start which all too often are overlooked:

  • Physical comfort: draught, temperature, sound, air quality
  • Healthy: pollutant and pollen-free air, better sleep, reduction in cortisol levels (stress)
  • Low energy use: low/no bills through the year
  • Future proof: fully electric incorporating renewable energy
  • Peace of mind: ethical and sustainable decision-making applied to your home

Living and thriving in a home doesn’t reduce to square feet. Occupant well-being, quality construction, flexibility for changing needs are all important considerations that we build into our designs. We start each project by asking you to tell us about yourself, your family and your aspirations. Then we provide options for how to arrange walls and rooms to achieve what you want. And of course, we have technical knowledge about how to make an existing building better insulated and more airtight in order to create a sustainable home.


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