Insights November 15, 2021

Architects Declare practice guide

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Architects Declare have worked to create this accessible guide, helping practices transition into a more regenerative culture as well as understanding the climate and biodiversity emergency.

The Architects Declare practice guide is structured in two parts; Part 1- Practice roadmap, displays steps that can be taken to transform your business.

Part 2- Project design guide, focuses on sustainable design as shown below.

Alasdair is a member of the Architects Declare steering group, and alongside Diana Dina coordinated the practice guide. Describing the guide to the RIBA Journal he said “[Architects Declare] have two strands of work: one is advocacy outside the industry – as in the recent Built for the Environment report in partnership with RIBA – and the other is inside it, getting our house in order. The Architects Declare Practice guide gathers best practice in one place.”

You can read up more about the Architecture Declare guide to making practices and projects net zero on here:

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