Building Retrofits

Almond Oasis

Health & Well-being Centres

At Collective Works, we embrace existing buildings and are experienced at sustainably renovating them. Not only does this approach leverage the embodied carbon that went into those buildings, but it also allows people to maintain any emotional connections that they have with their surroundings.

Moreover, our experience designing low carbon homes has given us great insight into spaces that are both physically and mentally good for people’s well-being.

Quiet Room

Working alongside both the NHS and the private sector, we understand that the building fabric cannot always be improved. But we can design spaces that will be long-lasting, use materials which are low in embodied carbon and also do not off-gas harmful chemicals. We think it is essential to engage with stakeholders to ensure that the needs of the final users are incorporated into the design.

Find out more about how natural materials can be used in your retrofits here:

concept design sketch for BADU

Schools & Community

Projects for schools and community groups are amongst our favourite. They offer us the ability to create long-term impact as in many cases these buildings will be homes-away-from-home for the users.

We understand the role of governance to these organisations which are often charities or public bodies. Moreover, we are sensitive to the challenges of funding and have even organised fundraisers on behalf of our clients. Needless to say, we design these buildings efficiently and conscious of constraints.

With diverse stakeholders, including young children, engagement can take the form of workshops as well as surveys. But especially important is to use natural materials where possible in order to create buildings that are easy to maintain and have a positive impact on indoor air quality.

Have a look at some of our projects:

Commercial & Office

Whenever we undertake these kinds of projects, we are very much aware that productivity is an essential part of a client’s objective. There is either a need to captivate consumers, entertain diners or increase workforce outputs.

Our understanding of how buildings are put together allows us to work within an existing demise and still create improvements to the interior environment. The research we have done on biophilic design – connecting humans to nature – as well as our familiarity with standards such as WELL Buildings allow us to create designs that benefit the users of these spaces.

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