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Refurbish or Retrofit?

A renovation project will make your home bigger and more beautiful. Whatever the scale, it is also great time to consider upgrading the environmental performance of your home with a retrofit project.

Whether you have bought an older home that needs to be completely refurbished, or you want to add extra space and light to your existing family home, we are here to help guide you through the process of creating a responsible and beautiful home.

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The first step to start the process is to book in an informal call with one of our London based team, during which we will discuss your property, what you want to achieve and the budget.

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What is retrofit?

A retrofit project will improve the thermal performance of your home. Fully insulating and draught proofing the roof, floor and walls improves the fabric and results in a home that uses very little energy to heat, cool and light. Combined with green technologies such as heat pumps and solar panels and coupled with low carbon design, which limits the use of high carbon building materials, your renovation can have a positive impact on the environment as well as on your wellbeing. Want to know more? Read our blog about the difference between renovation and retrofit.

Retrofit strategy for Mid Terrace Dream

Designing for you

At Collective Works we have the experience and the knowledge to help you create your dream home. We have recently completed home with budgets between £250,000 and £1.25m.  We enjoy working with existing buildings, to make them energy efficient, light, spacious and personal to you.  Although every home is as unique as the people who live there, a lot of the challenges and obstacles are the same.

Our process aligns with the RIBA stages for any architectural project: Design, Detail and Delivery.

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During the Design phase, we work with you to develop a brief and create options that respond to it, as well as setting environmental performance targets.  At Collective Works, we can help you to answer the right questions from the very start of a project and set out your priorities for a home that considers:

  • Your way of life – how you use your home now and in the future.
  • Your physical comfort – temperature, no draughts, noise and air quality.
  • Your health – by reducing the pollution and pollen in the air, you may experience better sleep, or reduction in cortisol (stress) levels.
  • Low energy use – Reducing your energy bills to nearly zero
  • Futureproofing your home – a fully electric home can run on entirely renewable energy or be eligible for green mortgages.
  • And the peace of mind that you have made ethical and sustainable decisions in designing and renovating your home.


At Mid Terrace Dream, our clients had bought a run down  terraced house. Together, we worked to transform this a standard Victorian house through a low carbon deep retrofit, to deliver a high performance, low energy dream home.

Your healthy home

We see that our ethical consumers also want to live in healthy buildings, with natural breathable materials that achieve the highest sustainability and comfort standards.

Your sustainable home

Choosing to live in a sustainable home has a far bigger impact on your environmental footprint than many other everyday consumer choices. To reach the UK’s net zero carbon goals by 2050, we need to retrofit 26 million homes, reducing their energy consumption and cutting their energy costs.

Our approach is to create beautiful and responsible designs that strive to meet the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge targets for energy use, embodied carbon and potable water use. To make healthy, sustainable homes that will last a lifetime and be loved by their owners.

We will help you to decide whether a sustainable refurbishment, a deep retrofit or even a design that meets Passive House standards is the right solution for you and your budget. Talk to us about your sustainable renovation project.

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