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Our vision to create  new social prescribing hub for NHS Ashfield Health Centre

Our overall vision was to create a new social prescribing hub that brings back into use the disused former canteen and kitchen space of an NHS Health Centre to enable a vibrant communal meeting space as well as a place to meet social prescribing link workers and associated charities and counsellors.

Stakeholder Consultation for NHS Social Prescribing Hub at Ashfield Health Centre

Stakeholder consultation

From conversations with health centre staff and users, we realised the importance of having a mixture of open and enclosed spaces, to be respectful of patients’ privacy whilst also ensuring that the centre could be reinstated as a community hub where groups could meet and a wide range of activities take place.

Inclusive, participatory design 

The main community hub is a flexible, fully adaptable space, allowing for alternative future uses. The space should be able to host both large groups as well as small private one to one meetings and counselling sessions, so accessibility and adaptability were key parts of the design proposal.

A community meeting place and social prescribing hub at Ashfield Health Centre
small group meeting space within Ashfield Health Centre Social Prescribing Hub


Year: 2022
Location: Ashfield
Construction: £75,000


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