Red Brick Extension

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Our clients had an unusual vision for their 1930s, faux-Edwardian London terrace. They’d been inspired by the emotive qualities of a Spanish hacienda – open, light-filled and full of earthy, exposed materials. They wanted wide-open spaces and a minimal, uncluttered feel. It was a vision that we were on board with from the very start.

There were challenges of course. We would be creating a large rear extension in a garden that narrowed dramatically. Because it was such a substantial structure, it had to look as good on the outside as it did on the inside. And complying with Building Regulations while giving our clients the expansive spaces and exposed materials they dreamed of would demand some serious thought. But that’s the skill of architecture – it’s about resolving technical difficulties to come up with beautiful, functional spaces.

Now that the house is finished, our clients are delighted with the space, with the hacienda-like feel, and with the visual composition of natural light and materials. And we’re delighted that you’d never know how much ingenuity has gone into this simple and uncluttered design. That’s just as it should be.


Date: 2018

Client: Private

Photography: Francesco Russo



  • Architecture
  • Concept Design
  • Project Management
  • Developed Design


  • Siri Zanelli
  • Khuzema Hussain
  • Tomas Tvarijonas
  • Joe Scragg