Where the Moose steps

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A two storey timber extension for a cabin from the 1960s, in a rural location just outside of Oslo.

The original property had already had been altered and the neighbourhood had developed over the years from rural to suburban with many free standing detached houses. The growing family needed more space but extending was a challenge as the site was on a very steep slope and the original cottage was already refurbished.

We designed an extension that had minimum intervention with the existing house to keep as much as possible of the small scale cozy cottage and former upgrades as possible. Our design was also in keeping with the existing roof angle and material use but offered more dramatic interior spaces, spectacular views over the ocean as well as an intimate connection to the garden.

The two storey extension, which protrudes from the front of the building, utilises the dramatic drop of the site. A timber clad living room extends towards the fjord and sits next to a 20 m2 terrace with uninterrupted views. This rests on a concrete plinth that houses the lower level guest room and garden room.


Date: January 2018

Client: Ragnar Hartvig

Photography: Ragnar Hartvig


  • Architecture
  • Concept Design
  • Interior Design
  • Planning Applications
  • Preparation and Briefing


  • Siri Zanelli
  • Juan Ramón Sánchez Pernas
  • Tomas Tvarijonas